Top Management

According to pre-established canons, mine could be considered a reverse trajectory, because I practically started as a senior manager. When I stopped being one, I didn’t see it as a regression or a failure, but rather thought that life had given me a second chance.

It took me a couple of years to get my bearings, during which I spent a lot of time decompressing and thinking. Little by little I realised that, from what initially seemed like a dead end, a new path was emerging. So I allowed myself enough time and space to make sure that what I did next, in my professional life, had a sense of purpose for me. Something that would also organically integrate my essence.

Up until that point, what had ruled had been my family history and a very deep desire for recognition. I studied a degree that, in my day, was considered one of the most difficult and one with the most prospects: Engineering of Roads, Channels and Ports, at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). That led to me becoming Site Manager, Site Group Manager and Delegate at Ferrovial Agroman and, for eight years, CEO of Cespa, a Ferrovial services company. I liked my job and was good at it, but it became so demanding that I realised that something had to give and I needed a break.

That’s when I knew that the change was going to involve more than just moving from one company to another, because a new framework of action was developing. And, as coincidences thrive in moments of stillness, I was introduced to the world of Senior Management Executive Coaching.

I immediately realised that I was discovering it from another angle. Not to help me get back on track, because it was clear to me that mine was a path of no return. But I could be the channel to serve others and help them prevent certain toxic dynamics before they forced them to resign, as had been my case. Because I still believe that Senior Management is an exciting and necessary field that, now more than ever, must be solid, resilient, consistent and authentic. In my opinion, the people who dedicate themselves to it, in this current environment that is so complex, changing and involves so much pressure, in many cases, are largely unrecognised and undervalued heroes.

I still  love the corporate world, not only for its more human side in terms of personal relationships, teams, power, organisation… but also for its entrepreneurial side, creativity and strategy. For this reason, I participate in it as a founding partner and shareholder of different companies in areas of particular interest to me, such as intelligent communication, restaurants and viticulture. This activity allows me to remain in the field of entrepreneurship and linked to it not only as an observer but also as a practitioner.