Doer strategy

As an engineer, one of my strengths is Strategy. It’s something inherent in me and what has made me the resolute character I am, always wanting to see things through. The phrase “Impossible is Nothing” by legendary boxer Muhammad Ali fits perfectly with my way of thinking and acting. Because, as well as a Strategist, I’m also a Doer, which the Cambridge Dictionary defines as “Someone who is actively involved in something, rather than just thinking or talking about it”.

Aligning words and actions, acting purposefully and making things happen is the difference between Thinkers & Doers. And the ‘Doer Strategy’ I propose is a combination of the two skills. Both can be learned by following a programme designed for taking action, which is based on:

  1. Dream big, aim to carry out something with conviction. 
  2. Moonshot thinking, in the initial phase of the creative process aim for the moon, because something will stick.
  3. Positive ambition, as the main driving force for action. 
  4. Open-mindedness, to contemplate new ways of reasoning and acting.
  5. Resolve, because perseverance is as valuable as good preparation. 
  6. Hypercreativity to imagine and find original and effective solutions.
  7. Quality environment, to receive nourishment and feedback with meaningful connections.
  8. Awareness to transcend and act with integrity.
  9. Confidence in oneself and in the process, with patience, without losing heart or becoming discouraged.
  10. Approach Leadership responsibly, seeing it as a lever for change and a driving force.