New leaders

The times we’re living in are complex, uncertain and, at the same time, exciting. A different, more ambiguous, unpredictable and changing world, one which requires new types of Leadership. And to continue to lead optimally and meaningfully, the operating system must be updated with a new version. Go to settings, readjust the parameters and download new and more sophisticated programmes. This alignment with current times can take place either because the system requires it or because there is true belief in new types of leadership that achieve other types of results. Without, of course, forgetting the financial reasons, results in the broadest sense of the word.

Only then is the change made from a place of authenticity and integrity, which grant it transcendence. Not by madly gesticulating at table football or knocking down office walls to explain that the structure is horizontal. Nor with Greenwashing or Pinkwashing actions, but rather because we understand that caring for the environment is also for our own benefit and that feminine dynamics are complementary and necessary. That’s how the Leadership of the 21st century should be, with proposals based on the truth that are inclusive, respectful and aimed at people and their business culture.

A new Leader who is a reference and driving force, who is nourished by the contributions of their team thanks to high-impact coalitions, who listens actively and acknowledges, giving their word. A boss with enough humility to admit their lack of expertise on cutting-edge issues related to new technologies or sustainability, while also daring to discuss things with the youngest members of their team before making a decision on the matter.

Conscious leaders, with core qualities such as honesty and empathy, capable of inspiring and, at the same time, unlearning because they have understood that the world requires new perspectives and different skills. Leaders who are open and vulnerable when necessary, fearless, and consistent with the maxim that new leaders must engage with emotions, like never before.

But sometimes it’s not enough to accept change or have a Purpose. You need to know how to implement it properly and this is where the figures of Trusted Advisor and Senior Management Coach can play an important role. Two complementary perspectives and two types of accompaniment to help navigate, successfully, the path towards contemporary Leadership.