Executive coach

In 2016, I met Álex Galofré (The Coaches) and reconnected with Pablo Tovar and Verónica Menduiña, who introduced me to their partner Daniel Poch. I learned from all of them and they introduced me to the field of Coaching. Six years earlier Pablo, Verónica and Daniel had founded AddVenture to develop Executive Coaching for Senior Management to a level of demand unheard of until then and they were considering opening the company to new Coaches.

I enjoyed being a trainee again, “wearing the L on my back” as my current AddVenture partners introduced me to a crowded audience, without it making me blush. I found it surprising because it wasn’t what I was used to, but I fitted in well, out of conviction and because I had previously made my peace with vanity.

I studied different coaching methodologies and did a whole series of programmes which not only helped me to obtain the credentials to practise as a coach, but also do a master’s degree in self-awareness, a preliminary step that I consider essential. To all these leadership development tools, facilitation skills, action logic and self-awareness, I added my own very personal baggage: my previous experience as a practitioner.

This variable was very welcome at AddVenture and, to some extent, accredited me as a prescriber. I was not only going to provide a fresh eye and lateral thinking, but also the opportunity to see things from another dimension: that of our target. Our clients highly value my ability to put myself in their shoes, precisely because I know the terrain and have walked its shifting ground. Not feeling judged but understood, from a place of utmost respect and empathy, generates trust and the consequent openness that we need for the work to be truly transformative.